Join us for Brunch from 9 am to 3pm, and enjoy our regular menu from 3pm.

Thanksgiving Menu

Starts at 5pm.


Butternut Squash, creme fraiche & squash

Tandoori House-Made Bread

Naan/ Roti

Flaky Paratha


Winter Salad, romaine hearts, pomegranate, bosc pear, candied walnut & warm goat cheese

Roasted Cauliflower Salad, farro, sheep milk’s yogurt, preserved lemon

Warm Chickpeas, Lemon Tahini Masabacha, jerusalem artichoke & swiss chard confit, naan

Shrimp Kadaif, butternut squash tershi, apple herb salad


Pan Roasted Organic Chicken, braised fennel, dried figs and cherries, rosemary potato purée

Crispy Skin Salmon, ginger beets, curry oil, sweet potato chips, cous cous

Fish Tagine, spicy tomato, saffron cilantro sauce, potato, carrot, red pepper, herbed cous cous

Braised Lamb Neck, jerusalem artichoke puree, apple, fennel, celery & lamb jus

Colorado Lamb Chops, majadra stuffed onion, sauteed swiss chard, roasted cauliflower & mint yogurt

Vegeterian Plate upon request

For the Table

Crispy Cauliflower, tahini, lemon, parsley & sumac

Jerusalem Artichoke puree

Roasted Sweet Potato, lime yogurt

Spicy Braised Swiss Chard